Sauna control type LUX
A sauna control with a dislay and capability of control over:

  • Sauna stove;
  • Delayed start time adjustment;
  • Steam generator / fan / light;
  • Optional sauna door safety monitoring.

Technical data:

  • Microprocessor temperature control;
  • Two temperature sensors (a stove temperature sensor and a bench temperature sensor);
  • Output for heater control: Power 400V, 3N 50 Hz/60Hz; Single phase switching capacity: 3,5kW, max. switching capacity: 10,5kW;
  • Temperature adjustment range: 40OС – 105OС, adjustment step: 1OС;
  • Output for steam generator control: max. output power 3,5 kW, steam adjustment range: 10% – 100%, adjustment step: 1% (single phase);
  • Output for fan control: max. fan power 100W (single phase), optional fan speed adjustment range: 0% – 100%, adjustment step: 10%;
  • Delayed start time adjustment: 24 hours max. delay, time adjustment step: 15 minutes;
  • Automated stove turn off in case of failed component;
  • Operational status LED indicators;
  • A display for programmed/current temperature, delayed start timer, errors indication;
  • Cabin light turn on/off button;
  • Drying programme;
  • Sauna door safety monitoring (optional).