The Lo-S360 is an air purification system, that removes bacteria and viruses (e.g. influenza and Covid-19 viruses) from the air. As infections are mainly transmitted by droplets and by the aerosols in the room air, it is important to permanently reduce the viral load in rooms. The Lo-S360 is an uncompromising combination of the UV-C lamp and the HEPA filter that ensures even greater safety in enclosed spaces such as offices, stores, medical centres, daycare centres, schools, universities, waiting rooms and catering facilities.


  • UV-C light makes the pathogens harmless, and additionally, the air is filtered by a HEPA filter
  • A mobile system made of high-quality materials, therefore durable and efficient
  • Environmentally friendly due to the long life of the UV-C lamp (9.000 hours)
  • Easy handling
  • Reliable disinfection of the room air without the use of chemicals

Closed system, the housing is insulated and UV-C resistant