Established in 1995 AMET Ltd. is a company dedicated to development, modern manufacturing and distribution of electronic medical equipment and modules, mechanical parts and units for incorporation. Cooperative work between the Management Team and highly qualified specialists form the company’s image of a reliable and desired partner in the Bulgarian as well as in the foreign market.

In March 2010 AMET Ltd. is certified for production of medical equipment as defined in ISO 13 485 by mdc medical device certification GmbH - Stuttgart. AMETOM is the first product line in Bulgaria developed and manufactured in accordance with the EU 93/42/EWG (Apendix II) directive for medical equipment production and is given CE-mark by the certifying authority.


To provide efficiency management and process control as well as to sustain a continuous quality improvement AMET Ltd. is structured in four departments each having its own face depending on their tasks and functions:

  • R&D Department – outside-the-box thinkers, idea generators, always driven ahead to be the first and best
  • Assembly&Test Department – each good idea and a prototype is transformed into an accomplished product – sound and reliable
  • Mechanics Department – the combined powers of men and machines turn the raw metal into precise parts and units for incorporation in innovative medical equipment
  • Marketing Department – to be evaluated each product needs to reach its destination – our customers.
  • The coordinated work between the departments is ensured by the Quality Board which is under the control of the Management Team.

    Currently, AMET Ltd. applies an integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13 485:2003, OHSAS18000:2007