Our Mechanical Depatment has new energy-saving machines with increased productivity and intuitive operation. The company has seven CNC milling machines with five and four axes machining of the parts, three CNC machining machines for turning parts, as well as two CNC machining centers INDEX.

The parts and components manufactured by us are built into operating tables, operating lamps and autonomous electric and gas supply systems for operating theaters.

These are rotational and prismatic center components made of steel and aluminum produced in medium series. The dimensions of the processed parts can be up to 350 mm in diameter and up to 370 mm in length and with an accuracy of between 0.02 and 0.03 mm.

Optimization and automation of mechanical design and manufacturing has been achieved, thanks to the implemented TopSolid CAD / CAM system.
AMET’s management invests in advanced measuring instruments for monitoring and controlling various processes and steadily improving quality.
Since 2015, the equipment has been started with plastic extrusion machines. The beginning was embedded with the casting of microdata. Today we also have a modern FANUC electric injection molding machine for details up to 450cm3.